We would like to thank the following who have generously helped us in the past.

CT Fertility


Whether you need assistance with the medical process alone, or also in finding an egg donor or even a surrogate, CT Fertility is the place to start. We thank CT Fertility for sponsoring several of our events.

CT Fertility

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas


The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is a west coast clinic with a good reputation that also has helped us by sponsoring an event.

Kennington Park Café


One of the few surviving Arts & Crafts style cafes still in use and makes a great place to enjoy a cuppa, a cake and views of the park.

Eat Play Love Cafe


A family café in Battersea (SW London). Open to all but with a focus on being a welcoming place for families with young children.

John + Chris


A big creative team with big ideas. We thank John and Chris for designing our logo.

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